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Great wine starts with great fruit.

World class wines are grown in the vineyard.

We bring you a wide selection of the most prestigious vineyards in California. Check out our Vineyard Catalog to view your options.
Call or email and we will guide you toward the best vineyard for your palate and desired style of wine. Once you have chosen your vineyard(s), follow the progress of your grapes through the growing season right up to the point of harvest.

Roll up your sleeves. Now the real fun begins!

Harvest is an exciting time!

So join us when your grapes arrive at the winery to sort, crush, ferment (although that is mostly the job of the yeast), punch down, press, or all of the above. Your wine will begin to take shape as we move it to barrel based upon your custom wine plan.

Add your finishing touch.
This is where you influence taste profile of your finished wine and determine the shape it will take over the next several years.

Working with our winemaking team, join us to create your unique blend; shape the balance, texture, and flavors you desire. Don't worry - our expert team is here to guide you through the process.

Make your mark.

Create the look and feel of your bottled wine.

Your final product will say something about you as well as the wine you have created. Our packaging guide will help you select the appropriate glass, label, cork, and capsules to use with your wines. Our design team with work with you to create a label that captures your style and the story of your winemaking journey

Time to celebrate!
Bottling is the grand finale where your journey comes to fruition.

You can come work the bottling line with our team and witness the exciting transition from barrel to bottle. Lift your first bottle and imagine all of the family, friends, and colleagues who will share in the delights of your wine. If you aspire to share your wine more broadly, look into our Commerce Program to market your wine for commercial sale. At this point you move from the process of "Make your Wine" to "Sell your Wine," and the business of wine marketing.

Plug into our business platform.

When you join TWF Commerce, you join a business infrastructure.

We allow you to develop your brand and market your wine to consumers across the country. Our platform provides the licensing, sales processing, order fulfillment, shipping logistics, and customer support you need to launch and grow your brand.

Let us do the mountains of paperwork.

You avoid one of the biggest headaches of the wine business when you join TWF Commerce.

We take on the numerous state and federal regulatory requirements and you focus on building your brand. From federal and state licensing, to completing the labyrinth of reporting responsibilities, all the way through the associated tax filings, we shoulder the load for you.

Set up a storefront on the web.
TWF Commerce includes an online storefront to connect you to your customers.

We set up your storefront and integrate it into your website. Our platform will help you not only to showcase your wines, but it also provides a seamless and professional purchasing experience for your customers. When your customers order wine through your shopping cart, the order goes to our fulfillment center and ships the next business day.

Build your marketing strategy.

The business side of wine is as interesting as the winemaking process, and the two sides go hand-in-hand.

The best strategy captures core attributes of the wine you have created. We guide you through the process, helping you develop ideas and strategies that will grow your business.

Work your plan.
The rubber meets the road as you gain exposure and recognition for your brand.

The possibilities are limited only by imagination, as well as some important regulations, and we will help with both. We provide support for a wide range of marketing opportunities including events, competitions, and social media, as well as the more traditional channels such as restaurants and wine bars. People love wine, and we want them to discover yours!

The Wine Foundry


The Wine Foundry is a custom winery located in Napa, California.


Everything short of growing the grapes happens within our winery walls. Our clients from around the world can participate as much or as little as they want in winemaking activities from sorting, punchdowns and pressing, to private blending sessions with our talented winemaking team... and of course, our clients are always welcome to drop in any time to check on their babies.

Inside the winery, The Wine Foundry maintains a temperature and humidity controlled barrel room, a cold room, an in-house lab for wine analysis and our own bottling line. The winery utilizes some of the most state-of-the-art winemaking equipment available on the market, including vibrating destemmer and sorting line for double sorting, and computer programmable bladder presses. These on-premise assets allow The Wine Foundry precise control over the winemaking process and enable our clients to create the highest quality of wines possible.


 For more information or to get started, contact Steve or call 877.WINE.404 x 7400.

Foundry Team

Steve Ryan

General Manager/VP

Upon completing studies in Molecular & Cellular Biology at Berkeley, Steve Ryan's path shifted. Instead of pursuing medicine, Steve chose beer and wine. With yeast on the mind, Steve tackled fermentation at UC Davis and rose to become Brewmaster for Gordon Biersch. Throughout his 6-year brewing tenure, the dark side of the force beckoned and Steve was drawn into the wonderfully evil clutches of wine. It refuses to let go.

In addition to his passion for grapes, Steve has the brains and brawn for business, having launched, built and sold a successful mortgage and management firm. In 2012, he became Vice President of Sales and Operations at the Wine Foundry. There he can be found attached to the telephone and computer while whispering words of encouragement to his barrels. Away from "The Foundry", he seeks the perfect burrito and contemplates Wilco lyrics while spending time with his family. Email Steve Ryan

Foundry Team

Stuart Ake

Vice President Accounts

Born and raised within the friendly confines of suburban Chicago. It was there, as a tortured Cubs fan, he began to doubt statistical probability. After undergraduate studies in philosophy & education, Stu focused on improving literacy in classrooms in New York City before moving west for graduate school at Berkeley.

Upon relocating to the Bay Area, he was bitten by the wine bug. He tinkered with fermentation before making the career transition into the wine industry in 2006. However, Stu couldn't shake the teaching bug and began to develop hands-on experiences around wine before launching his company, Tasting Lab. In addition to Tasting Lab, Stu writes for several wineries and serves as 'Wine Professor' for the Foley Food & Wine Society.

He's appeared on The Today Show, and his activities & materials have received critical praise in Wine Spectator, Food & Wine, Forbes, Men’s Journal, Time and Chicago Tribune. Suffice to say, TWF is extremely happy to have Stu heading up the sales team. 

When not slinging barrels at TWF, Stu is drinking crisp whites, wimpy Pinots, earthy Rhones and sledgehammer Cabs all while building his collection of soul records and lamenting the Chicago Cubs. Alongside his wife, Shelley, Stu is a self proclaimed film geek and sees more than 50 movies in the theater each year. Email Stuart

Foundry Team

Patrick Saboe

Director Wine Making

Patrick's love for wine began while working in the restaurant industry in his hometown of Charleston, SC.  During his ten-year tenure at the nationally renowned Slightly North of Broad, Patrick had the opportunity to try numerous wines from all over the world. This experience fostered his desire to educate himself even more about wine, winemaking, and its history. His honeymoon in Napa and Sonoma solidified this passion, and he decided that he was no longer content to just sell wine: he wanted to become a winemaker. To this end, upon returning from this trip, Patrick went back to school to focus on chemistry and biology, eventually applying and being accepted to University of California Davis' (UCD) Viticulture and Enology program.

In 2000, Patrick began his foray into the California wine world by working for Robert Sinskey Vineyards while attending UCD.  During this time, he also assisted Dr. Andy Walker in the UCD vineyards, for two years helping in the Pierce's Disease Resistance Rootstock Breeding Program. Upon graduating from UCD, Patrick worked as the Harvest Enologist for Hanna Winery before becoming the Assistant Winemaker at Keller Estate. While at Keller, Patrick gained invaluable hands-on experience by working closely with renowned winemaker Michael McNeill (now at Hanzell) to produce multiple award-winning wines.

In 2006, he became the Winemaker and Vineyard Manager for Petroni Vineyards in the Mayacama Mountains near Sonoma as well as Consulting Winemaker for Verismo Wines in Napa, specializing in Cabernet Sauvignon among other varietals. Later in 2008, Patrick accepted the Director of Winemaking position at Pezzi King Vineyards in Dry Creek overseeing the vineyards and all wine production.  All three of these experiences contributed to Patrick's knowledge and experience with Bordeaux grapes and winemaking, a perfect fit for his next venture as Winemaker for Crushpad, where he stayed for two years before becoming the Director of Winemaking at The Wine Foundry in 2012. 

In his 13+ years of winemaking, Patrick has focused primarily on Bordeaux varietals, although he has made wine from twenty different varietals throughout California. His winemaking philosophy is simple: exceptional wines are made from exceptional fruit with exceptional care.  Consequently, he collaborates closely with the numerous growers who partner with The Wine Foundry, assuring that quality is paramount, and he treats each of his clients' barrels as his own.

When he is not making awesome wine, Patrick spends time with his wife Dawn and his three children Maddy, Claire and Jackson in Petaluma. Email Patrick

Foundry Team

Eric Hansen


You are reading this biography on either a large, medium or handheld sized computer screen. You can thank Eric Hansen for that. Eric began his professional career at Intel, where he worked to introduce people to a revolutionary device called the personal computer. Without firing a single shot, Eric and his fellow revolutionaries won the war and now the entire planet is fluent in dotcom.

During a successful career as software consultant for notables like Stanford University, Williams-Sonoma, Levi Strauss, Price Waterhouse Coopers, The California Teachers Association and Chevron, Eric fell in love with wine. Extensive reading and tasting led to studies at UC Davis, Napa Valley College and Las Positas College. A revolutionary career change soon followed.

Eric’s professional involvement with wine started at Cline Cellars in Sonoma, where he managed the tasting rooms at both Cline and Jacuzzi Family Vineyards. He moved to the production side as a wine lab technician at Crushpad, then with Etude in Sonoma before joining the winemaking team at The Wine Foundry. Eric loves wine, food, golf, fly-fishing, Italy, and his wife Maureen (not necessarily in that order). Email Eric

Foundry Team

Fernando San Martin


Fernando oversees enology at The Wine Foundry. Originally hailing from Santiago, Fernando’s wine journey began a decade ago at Haras de Pirque Vineyards, located within Chile’s picturesque Maipo Valley. In 2006, his love of wine and travel conspired to bring him to California where he has handled cellar and enology responsibilities at Central Coast Wines, Deloach Vineyards, Etude Wines, Dashe Cellars and Treasure Island Wines.

Fernando also has an extensive background in distilling and worked at St. George Spirits Distillery, where he engaged in the production of artisanal spirits. When not examining pH levels of Cabernet and Pinot Noir in the lab, Fernando pursues outdoor activities, BBQs, and live music. A true world traveler, he’s equally fluent in English and Spanish, from Classical arias to Reggae bass lines. Email Fernando

Foundry Team

Margaret Pratt

Client Relations Manager

Growing up in the wine country it is hard to believe the wine industry didn't take hold of Margaret sooner. Working exclusively with software development companies, Margaret was the right hand to CEO's of two companies, handling every aspect of running an office with a positive and professional attitude. Deciding that the wine industry sounded like a glamorous and exciting field, she switched industry and began work at the Wine Foundry handling Logistics and Client Relations

Her thoughtful, forward thinking and winning smile has advanced her to the position of Client Relations Manager. In this position she uses her ability to balance big picture objectives with nuance and grace to better assist client’s needs and concerns.  On her down time she likes to spend time with her family enjoying the beautiful Napa Valley and all the diverse activities it offers. Email Margaret

Foundry Team

Pete McAfee

Bottling Manager

After receiving his English and Political Science Degrees, Pete McAfee decided to take a harvest internship before looking for a job in his fields of study. However, he quickly became infatuated with the aromas of fermentation and has been working in the wine industry since those fateful days of 2007.

Since then, he has focused on the bottling and labeling aspects of wine, and managing the quality control and analysis on the bottling line -- but is perhaps most proud of his prowess on the forklifts. On summer Sundays, he is the starting catcher for the San Francisco Pacifics, a vintage baseball team that plays with the rules, uniforms, and equipment of the 1880's. Email Pete

Foundry Team


Chief Security Officer

Some are born into privileged roles within the wine industry. Not Kodiak. His improbable tail of success began as a lost and lonely resident of the Marin Humane Society. Here, a desperate pup at leashes end, Kodiak found a way out by learning to bark in cat, bird, horse and human. Through a combination of vocal talent, unyielding determination and a refusal to wear doggie outfits, Kodiak barked himself up by his pawstraps and left behind the troubled times when he begged for food and drank water from hoses.

While proud of his accomplishments, Kodiak honors his humble beginnings by accepting raw bones and treats from bank tellers and UPS delivery folk. When not at The Wine Foundry, Kodiak enjoys chasing rabbits, powder days at Squaw Valley and reading Jack London. Woof! Email Kodiak

Other Services

Custom Crush

for growers

The Wine Foundry offers Custom Crush services to wine grape growers or clients who source their own fruit. For lots of one ton or more, we extend the same artisanal winemaking services we offer to clients who use our own fruit sources. Our services are competitively priced and designed to foster long-term partnerships with grape growers.

We are also always looking for high-quality fruit to include in our custom wine programs. Contact Steve Ryan for more information or to get started or call 877.WINE.404 x 7400.

Other Services



The Wine Foundry offers wine centric team-building and educational experiences for groups of 4 to 40. Each activity is hands-on and has you engage with actual winery equipment to explore a particular aspect of the winemaking process. Because the needs of your group are unique, we deliver seated or immersive experiences designed to engage, educate and entertain

We can also create Custom Events and bring the winery to your doorstep, don't see what you're looking for... just ask!  Download our experience brochure . To book or for more information about our current experiences, email us  or call (707) 637-8821 x7400

Other Services

Private Label

& Corporate Gifting

Weddings: Looking for a special twist to your wedding day? A unique gift for friends and family to create with you? A fun way to remember your wedding for years to come? With The Wine Foundry, you not only personalize the wine label to commemorate your wedding, you also create a custom wedding wine blend and select your custom wine bottle, capsule and cork. We offer wax dipping, large bottles, personalized corks, fanciful labels and wooden boxes. Download our Weddings Brochure.

 Corporate Gifts: Each year, we hold some wine back for corporate gifts. This year, we have some fantastic pinot noir, Cabernet, red blends and Chardonnay available for those every-so-difficult gifts in the office.Our award-winning design team will quickly take your corporate logo and create a unique label consistent with your existing brand and company's identity. Your only task? Supply the mailing list, any inserts you want, and we do the rest! For more information, please email Stuart Ake and she can help answer any questions. Download our Corporate Gifting Brochure.

Other Services

Lab Services

for wineries

TWF/LAB provides a wide range of lab analysis services utilizing the FOSS WineScan, at the most competitive pricing you'll find. We provide a full panel analysis for each sample emailed to you the next business day (same day service available as well). Download out Lab services brochure here or contact Fernando S.M. Borgeaud at 707-637-8821 x 7274

Range of Services
Brix PH Total Acidity Volatile Acidity
Glucose/Fructose Malic Acid Ethanol Color
Free SO2 Total SO2 Ammonia YAN