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Craft luxury wines by the barrel from Napa’s and Sonoma’s most prestigious vineyards. Create a barrel with friends, launch and market your own brand or wow clients with a custom labeled wine.

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What a view! Production Assistant Ryan enjoys the solar eclipse - the next one won't be seen in the U.S. for another 20 years! #thewinefoundry #makewine #solareclipse
Thirsty Thursday anyone? The blindest of tastings challenged our team this week, the mystery being what they were evaluating! Oak comparison? Acid test? Varietal trial? With heads and glasses together, the team solved the riddle and achieved vino glory. (Tannin and acid revealed themselves as the answers to this week’s quiz.) In vino veritas! #makewine #thewinefoundry #invinoveritas #thirstythursday
Budbreak is here! As the sun awakens the earth with its warmth, vivacious little leaves are bursting out of vines with refreshed energy. The zing of spring stirs the vineyards and catapults us into the growing season. Onward to vintage 2024! #makewine #thewinefoundry #springhassprung
Our cellar crew unloads a tasty new present - a modern basket press! This new toy gives our winemakers another level of flexibility when pressing our red grapes. With a soft application of pressure, and a 1.5-ton capacity for pomace, it is a perfect addition for our small lot specialties. 
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As we tiptoe into spring in the Napa Valley, our friends at Alder Springs Vineyard in Mendocino County are still sashaying through winter! Last week, a soft blanket of snow reminded the grape Mourvèdre that bud break is still steps away. As the warmth of the earth is key to waking the roots and triggering bud burst, the chilly temperatures continue to prolong winter dormancy. #makewine #thewinefoundry #drinkwine #alderspringsvineyard #budbreak #winterinthevineyard #snowinspring
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