About Us

The Wine Foundry is Napa Valley’s premiere custom winemaking facility. Launched in 2012 by a small team of creative entrepreneurs and like-minded wine industry veterans, we quickly set the standard for next generation winemaking by utilizing the latest technology and collaborating with the most coveted vineyards in the Napa Valley and Sonoma growing regions. The experience and no-excuses commitment to quality result in world-worthy wines, which routinely earn scores in the mid-90s. 

Our clients share a universal enthusiasm where wine consumption turns into wine collection and finally wine creation. The experience and satisfaction of creating your own wine and the pride of sharing it with others is what winemakers live to do. While we all love the idea of quitting our day job and moving our family to live in the vineyard, for most – it’s not realistic. The Wine Foundry lifts the veil to winemaking Oz and invites you behind the curtain to experience the journey first-hand. 

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My brand, Darjean Jones Wines, evolved from my desire to draw together the aspects of life I enjoyed the most and actually turn them into a profitable business. My early experiences as a plant pathologist in Napa Valley and my love for winemaking led me to The Wine Foundry. TWF’s professional services streamline the winemaking process–from vineyard sourcing through winemaking, bottling and compliance issues– into a manageable adventure. TWF’s employees are knowledgeable and responsive providing the services Darjean Jones requires to continue producing award winning wines.”

Dawna Darjean Jones, PhD, Vintner, Darjean Jones Wines

As a grower and supplier of premium wine grapes it has been my pleasure to work with The Wine Foundry since their inception. We have formed an ideal partnership with the main objective to seek out and find the best vineyards that will make the best wines. I work closely with The Wine Foundry’s winemaker Patrick Saboe and our growers to ensure the highest standards of sustainable farming are adhered to from bud break to harvest. ‘Elevate your vines, Elevate your wines’ Cheers!”

Aaron DeBeers, Santa Rosa, CA, Winegrower

”A good friend and I began with a single barrel of Cabernet Sauvignon in 2007, and over the last eight years have grown to produce between 100 and 150 cases of premium Napa Valley red wine each year under our Ankh Wines brand. It was supposed to be a hobby, but Ankh Wines has become something greater than that. Making wine is a passionate pursuit, and the more you learn the more involved you want to become. Today, I frequently meet with the TWF winemaking and administrative teams on all facets of our brand. Now making Cabernet and building the Ankh Wines business has become much more of who I am.”

Scott Ptacek, Vintner , Ankh Wines

The Wine Foundry helps Sea Bird Wines play bigger than we are with access to grapes from leading winegrowers usually reserved for large wineries with a lot of negotiating power. We leverage TWF’s first class winemaking facilities, distribution channel access and air tight compliance support with other artisanal wine producers, which makes the capital costs of operating a micro winery more manageable. These resources have allowed us to launch a business without having to step away from our day jobs and with much less financial risk than a traditional startup winery. The TWF winemaking team gives us access to decades of experience as we work through the life cycles of our wines. The feeling we get while working with their team is a lot like the vibe that launched the microbrew revolution – creative, knowledgeable people passionate about traditional approaches but curious enough to take some chances.”

Patrick Durbin, Managing Partner, Sea Bird Wines