SummWhite Blender temperatures call for crisp wines to cut through heat and humidity. Sauvignon Blanc from Morgaen Lee Vineyard remains a favorite as it delivers both, acid-driven minerality and plenty of fruit. A winning, one-two combo. But, why only one refreshing selection? Last Harvest, the winemakers experimented with a top-secret co-fermentation of Chenin Blanc, Gewürztraminer & Riesling. This ain’t no saccharine sweet version either.

Some associate Gewürztraminer & Riesling with those tooth decaying sugared interpretations. The Captain Crunch of the wine world. We went a different direction: fermented the juice completely dry. Lean, light and refreshingly crisp. It worked.

Early on, we knew we had a winner, but remained tight lipped about the Proprietary White project until all data was collected and properly evaluated through repeated sipping. Many glasses later and pats on the back from visiting clients confirmed the yum.

Stick in the mud traditionalists may pout, but Proprietary Blends are of the now; unique takes which push boundaries while highlighting the strengths of individual components. As political punches are thrown, it’s one thing every cool kid Millennial, Gen Xer, Boomer and Octogenarian can agree upon.

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