In Episode 56 of the Mr.Wine Guy Podcast I had the privilege of sitting down with Patrick Durbin, Vintner and Winemaker for Seabird Wines out of Napa Valley, CA.

In this episode Patrick and I talk about his wife Becky and how she’s not only a person who has changed his life, but how significant and instrumental she has been to the growth and success of the Seabird brand.

Patrick and I talk about what it’s like to make his wines at The Wine Foundry and how The Wine Foundry makes it possible for so many people to create their own wines in a way that is best suited for their wants and needs.

Patrick and I also talk about how Seabird Wines is committed to giving back and they do so by contributing 100% of their profits and proceeds to non-profit organizations that protect our local coastline habitats.

With all this being said, I’m honored to have Patrick on the show today because of how much he is going to inspire and teach each and every one of YOU about what has made him as successful as he is today.

Patrick stresses the importance of how a right mindset, being humble, listening instead of speaking, not focusing on “how” things are going to turn out, and how enjoying the journey instead of focusing on the destination have been pivotal to his overall success.

If you open your mind to all the possibilities that Patrick is going to illustrate to you today I can assure you that his mentor ship alone will be paramount in motivating you to continue pursuing your purpose while embracing your journey in the process.

So sit back, relax, and get ready, because you are going to love this episode.

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