Declaring independence from conformity, Anarchist Wine Co. recently released its fresh and innovative lineup of wines challenging the status quo. Anarchist Wine Co. began as a project at The Wine Foundry in Napa, which specializes in ultra-premium custom-made wines. Alongside The Wine Foundry’s small lot luxury wine production, the winemaking team began experimenting with co-fermentations and unusual blends, creating sensational results. What started as an exploratory project emerged as Anarchist Wine Co., formed with a mission to push the limits of conventional winemaking while dragging Napa’s lofty pricing habits back to earth.

Through the creative process of erasing boundaries and breaking with convention, each Anarchist Wine Co. wine takes on its own personality. Releases include the flagship white blend, The Anarchist, audaciously created with six white grape varieties, three of which are co- fermented; The Philosopher, a two-time double gold and 98-point winner of a forward-thinking Cabernet Sauvignon blend; Conspiracy Theory, an opulent Rhône-inspired red blend holding many secrets; and fan favorite Rosé Against the Machine, a thrilling shift in the pink wine paradigm.

With an array of compelling wines in the lineup, Anarchist Wine Co. also sports a series of award-winning artistic labels reflecting the creative process and the personality of each wine. Each label draws on an art form called “Generative Art,” which uses an algorithm incorporating data from people and places that capture the spirit behind each individual wine. For example, the label for The Philosopher draws on data from the lives of consequential philosophers and employs an algorithm to reveal that data as art. The resulting label art both embraces and stands up to the quality and innovation behind each wine in the Anarchist Wine Co. family.

Anarchist Wine Co. will celebrate its official launch on April 6, 2019, at its new tasting room located in the Village at Vista Collina Resort in southern Napa, 850 Bordeaux Way, Suite 9, from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. Guests will explore the mysteries of developing wines through barrel samples and enjoy sneak peaks of Anarchist Wine Co.’s upcoming releases, including the 2018 Rage Against the Machine and 2018 Guns & Rosé. To RSVP for the launch party, visit For more information or to order wines, visit


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About The Wine Foundry: The Wine Foundry provides a turn-key solution for custom small lot wine production, offering a full range of services for wine enthusiasts, vineyard owners, and entrepreneurs, including everything from grapes sourced from Napa’s most prestigious vineyards to label design and e-commerce solutions for direct to consumer sales. Anarchist Wine Co. is the second brand launched by The Wine Foundry following the success of its allocation brand, Foundry Wines (, also available in the tasting room. For more information visit or write to [email protected].