Cold air flows like water. And, while low in elevation, Clarksburg typically isn’t prone to frost events because vines are planted steps away from the Sacramento River Delta, helping mitigate steep drops in temperature. Even so, a rare frost episode hit Clarksburg shortly after bud break. We knew the incident wouldn’t negatively impact quality. However, there were concerns how frost damage could impact yields, especially in light of the lower volumes due to paltry rainfall totals in recent years.

To hedge bets and diversify our portfolio, we leveraged contacts in Lodi who also grow Tempranillo and Mourvèdre for rosé.

Those who have had the good fortune to meet our Director of Winemaking know Patrick can get wide-eyed with excitement. As the growing season progressed and Patrick became more familiar with our newly acquired blocks, he has become more and more animated about the prospect of having more spices and seasoning with which to play.

Our action is not a matter of “out with the old” as the new additions are intended to compliment, rather than supplant, our blocks in Clarksburg.

First to arrive on Thursday will be one of Patrick’s new toys… Tempranillo from Lodi.

With the thermometer slated to flirt with triple digits in Lodi and Clarksburg for the next two weeks, grapes will ripen quickly… except for the notoriously slow to ripen Mourvèdre which should be ready to pick sometime beyond 2087.

After Thursday’s fruit arrives and we’ve had another chance to visit the vineyards, we’ll send another update late next week.

As the thermometer climbs, vines kick into high gear. With Harvest on the horizon, if considering Rosé for the upcoming vintage, contact me at [email protected].

Join us for a hands-on peek inside the grape growing and production process. Crushcamp is a 3-hour harvest experience from 10a to 1p hosted by Stuart Ake. If your preferred date is filled, email to be added manually.

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