With the thermometer slated to scamper into the low 90°s, Harvest runners are at the mark and the starting gun is ready sound. On Friday, October 6th, we’ll be officially off to the Cabernet Sauvignon races.

For much of the growing season, daytime highs fluctuated between the mid 70s to low 80s. The moderately temped growing season delivered serious phenolic development without the loss of acidity or bloated sugar levels. Smooth and steady. Now, a string of warm temperatures about to descend, flavors are popping.

In the wee wee hours of Friday morning, picking crews will hand harvest clusters of Greeg Mountain Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon armed with headlamps and a blade, it takes just seconds for the vineyard crew to remove all the clusters on the vine with a series of quick cuts. Once the picking bin is filled, crew members sprint to the 1/2 ton macro bins pictured above and add to the bounty. It’s a well-choreographed display of agriculture which dates back hundreds of years.