Harvests can be tortoises or hares. 2023 has been a tortoise. A steady and moderate growing season has delivered the longest growing season since 2010. Whereas we picked Cabernet Sauvignon from A2 Vineyard in Rutherford in 2022 on September 16th, we may still have one block at the property on vine until October 23rd. Upwards of seven extra weeks?! The answer is yes. The additional hang time brings unparalleled phenolic depth as the seeds, stems and skins of grapes have time to fully develop.

We have the good fortune to source from four distinct blocks of Cabernet Sauvignon at A2 Vineyard in Napa Valley’s Rutherford AVA. Each section of the vineyard brings something slightly different to the plate in terms of structure and flavor. To maximize the potential, we’ll do at least three different picks. Once combined when we press the wine into French oak barrels, we’ll have assembled a formidable foundation.

After repeated visits to the property to sample berries, we’ve decided to harvest the B3A block of vines on Monday and D2A block on Tuesday. Pending what Mother Nature has to say, we feel the other two blocks still have another 10-14 days to go until flavors are optimal. Stay tuned!